Some real quick updates. I have released an new version of The Beginner's Guide to IDAPython. It has been rewritten to cover changes that IDA 7.0 introduced. I plan on adding a couple of more chapters in the upcoming months on HexRays, Structures, GUIs and (the chapter I'm most excited about) using The Unicorn Engine within IDA.

Sorry for the lack updates. Lately, I have been using a combination of Twitter and MarkDown for posting content. I can be found on Twitter @nullandnull. If you don't want to follow me, add me to a list. I swear list are the most underrated feature of Twitter. I also created an account on GitHub. I still need to transfer all my old stuff from my Bitbucket account. Two kind of recent projects I created were asmdec and capstool. The README.md within the repos contain all the needed details.

As always feel free to send me an email at alexander dot hanel at gmail dot com or ping me on Twitter. 


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