The Beginner's Guide to IDAPython

In my spare time for the past couple of months I have been working on an ebook called "The Beginner's Guide to IDAPython". I originally wrote it as a reference for myself - I wanted a place to go to where I could find examples of functions that I commonly use (and forget) in IDAPython.  Since I started the book I have used it many times as a quick reference to understand syntax or see an example of some code. I hope others will find it equally useful.  The book is not a static document. I already have a list of content/topics that I would like to write about., like a cover.. Please feel free to email me if you would like a topic added, have a correction or would like to say hi. My email is a the bottom of the introduction . The ebook can be found  in the below link.

The price is free (move the slider to left) but has a suggested price of $14.99. In all honesty I don't care if you purchase it. A purchase would be nice but I'd rather you learn something from it.

I wrote the book in markup language. I used StackEdit [1] as an editor. I paid for a sponsor account. This allowed me to download it in a PDF. I did version control and hosting via bit-bucket [2]. Not sure why Dan [3] and I are the only people on it.  Bit-Bucket is awesome. Unlimited free private repos for the win.  I'm using leanpub [4] as the distributor for my ebook. Ange Albertini is also using leanpub to publish an ebook called  Binary is beautiful [5]. Disclaimer his book will be way better than mine.

I'd like to thank Hexacorn for all his feedback and support.


Updates:  Usual grammar issues...


  1. Freaking. Amazing.
    Thx very much for taking the time and putting this together ;)

  2. Thanks Carlos! If you find any issues or have recommendations please send me an email.

  3. Thanks for putting this together!

  4. Thanks! Much Appreciated!!