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While reading through the Windows Internals book I came across an interesting feature called AppLocker.
AppLocker provides a robust experience for IT administrators through new rule creation tools and wizards. For example, IT administrators can automatically generate rules by using a test reference computer and then importing the rules into a production environment for widespread deployment. The IT administrator can also export a policy to provide a backup of the production configuration or to provide documentation for compliance purposes. Your Group Policy infrastructure can be used to build and deploy AppLocker rules as well, saving your organization training and support costs.
The paragraph above is a good description of it's functionality. The tool focuses on policy based security. For example prevent kazaa.exe from running in our enterprise environment. Applocker has three ways of blocking files from executing. The three are publisher, path/file and hash. The publisher is by far the most interesting because it is a little more generic but still targets a decent characteristic. For example if Company A is targeted by Malware B that is always signed with a stolen or legitimate certificate XXX. Company A could create a policy or rule to target the publisher, product name, file name or file version of that signed file. If that rule is ever triggered the file could be blocker or logged as an event and then feed into a SIEM.  The second useful example is in the event of a mass spam campaign. If an organization received 15k emails with a zip attachment. It's almost guaranteed 1% of that population will execute the file within the zip. This espically true if inbox cleanup could take an hour or two.  Most email spam campaign attachments contain a static hash. If an organization had a user report the spam campaign an analyst could create a Applocker rule based on the file hash and push it out as a new policy rule. Odds are the turn around time on pushing out an Applocker policy rule would be faster than getting an AV signature update.

Dear Microsoft Employees,
In future releases of Applocker could you please have an option to use the parent process as a filter for rules?  For example in Haifei Li slide 21 in Exploring in the Wild: A Big Data Approach to Application Security Research (and Exploit Detection) [link], he mentions that out of half million Microsoft Documents the only time they saw MSCOMCTL.OCX loaded was during exploitation. If a rule could be created by an Applocker user to alert when MSCOMCTL.OCX was loaded by a Microsoft Application it could give early alerting on possible exploitation. The same concept could also be applied to Adobe Reader, Java and other commonly exploited third party applications.

I'm currently not working in an enterprise environment so I can't test these thoughts. Applocker is only available on premium versions of Windows 7 and up.

Kind of a cool feature. Here is a video overview. Anybody have any success stories using AppLocker?

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